Clean Glasses For All

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A better quality of life for everyone!

As the market leader for manual glass washers, we aim to make a sustained improvement to the quality of life of our customers with our innovations and high-quality products. Our driving force: people have been able to enjoy their drinks from hygienically clean glasses anywhere in the world for more than 50 years thanks to SPÜLBOY®.

Wash out the difference: Original SPÜLBOY® models need no electricity and surprisingly little water, are portable and stand out due to their ease of use and unique hygienic design.

Icon_Made_In_Germany Innovation

A clear advantage: innovations made in Germany.

Truly groundbreaking developments are created when experience meets innovative strength. It's hard to believe: original SPÜLBOY® models have been manufactured in Wuppertal for over 50 years – and are now as innovative as they were back then. How does that work? We continue to develop and optimise our company as well as our products as a matter of course.

In addition, continuous controls in our modern, ISO-certified operation ensure consistent product quality, a long service life and high functionality. It is not without reason that the catering trade all over the world place their trust in SPÜLBOY® today – from cool to exclusive, everyone loves hygienically clean glasses.

100% Hygiene

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Time for the new clarity.

Perfect hygiene and cleanliness and this includes groundbreaking ecological compatibility. SPÜLBOY® glass washing tablets remove up to 99.9% E. coli and Pseudomonas bacteria, such as herpes viruses type 1 (HSV), when used properly in a SPÜLBOY® glass washer.

This cleaning performance has been tested, certified and verified by independent institutes and test laboratories.

Icon_2 Jahre_Garantie Sustainability

Think new. Clean green!

Think ecologically and protect people , the environment and conserve resources at the same time? This is specifically where we view our responsibility. Cleanliness must not be achieved at the expense of the environment in our opinion! SPÜLBOY® therefore works without electricity and with highly efficient water consumption – and even the SPÜLBOY® glass washing tablets are biodegradable.

SPÜLBOY® uses only high-quality, tested grade A plastics. The long service life is supported by the modular system; every part can be replaced as a spare part and is completely recyclable.