ECO Line

Clean Glasses For All


Hygienically clean glasses

SPÜLBOY® glass washing devices are 100%  hygienic, removing bacteria and viruses from all types of glasses. Various independent institutes have repeatedly tested and proved this. Our biodegradable SPÜLBOY® tablets, designed specifically for cold water cleaning, are essential for ensuring 100% sanitary clean glasses.

We provide a dependable, hygienically perfect, and long-lasting cleaning of all drinking vessels with the original SPÜLBOY® biocide tablets, whether glasses or renewable plastic cups, shot glasses, or beer mugs. Brush sets for specific glasses, such as champaign glasses, wine glasses, and wheat beer glasses, are provided.

We guarantee 100%  cleanliness, long brush durability, and always clean washing results with regular use of the glass washer and daily cleaning of the brushes utilizing the original SPÜLBOY® brush cleanser.