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SPÜLBOY® NU incl. cleaner 144,90€*

SPÜLBOY® NU water+ incl. cleaner 169,90€*

* All prices are gross prices and apply only within the specified period of time for orders
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SPÜLBOY® live! Meet, greet, clean.

Discover the world of Spülboy. We are on the road for you all over the world.

Get to know us and our products and see the Original for yourself..

13.03. – 15.03.20 Barcelona Beerfestival, Barcelona
15.05. – 17.05.20 Mondial de la Biére, Paris
10.11. – 12.11.20 Brau Beviale, Nuremberg


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Kraftbier0711 are testing our Spülboy NU® water+, here is the review:


you can find further Spülboy videos here, have a look:

SPÜLBOY® Twin Go T - How to connect

SPÜLBOY® NU - How to connect and use

SPÜLBOY® Made in Germany

SPÜLBOY® How to use

SPÜLBOY® How to connect and use