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Best cleaning results

SPÜLBOY® is Made in Germany. With us you will find all spare parts and all accessories ready for dispatch at any time and mostly made in-house in our plastic production facility.

Clean glasses are guaranteed with SPÜLBOY® brush strips and central brushes. All brushes should be cleaned daily with SPÜLBOY® special cleaner and renewed on a regular basis. The brush strip that cleans the exterior of the glasses as well as the central brush that cleans the inside of the glass can be exchanged separately. As a highly strained component, the brush head can be unscrewed and changed independently. For particular glasses, such as wine glasses or wheat beer glasses, we have designed specially suited brush sets.

The bristle bundles made of permanently elastic material ensure perfect abrasion. The brushes are designed so that all glasses are completely enclosed. The vertical movements during rinsing are proven to remove all dirt and adhesions such as bacteria and viruses.

Perfect abrasion is ensured by bristle bundles constructed of permanently elastic material. The brushes are designed to completely enclose all glasses. Vertical rinsing movements have been shown to remove all dirt and adhesions, including bacteria and viruses.