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The manual glass washers of the CLASSIC Line from SPÜLBOY® are the world's most best-known glass washers. With 100% cleanliness and guaranteed hygiene, they are a model for the development of manual development of manual glasswashers and are certified according to DIN standard 6653-3. Our glasswashers are suitable for all types of drinking vessels, clean via a separate pre-rinse with the proven original SPÜLBOY® glass rinsing tablets and rinse clear with fresh drinking water.drinking water. All dispensing vessels, whether glasses or multi-purpose cups made of plastic, become demonstrably hygienically clean!

SPÜLBOY® glasswashers only need fresh water when required, operate without electricity, offer optimum brush technology, use biodegradable cleaning agents and thus guarantee a high level of hygiene. brush technology, use biodegradable cleaning agents and are thus a guarantee for bacteria- and virus-free washing. bacteria- and virus-free washing. This is also your contribution to 100% climate protection.