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Clean Glasses For All

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The new gerneration of manual glasswasher

NU® glasswashers represent the latest generation of DIN-certified, manual glasswashers from SPÜLBOY®. They combine previous advantages and innovations in a modern way. innovations. Modern glass shapes, large glasses with handles and jugs, but also narrow schnapps and bulbous wine glasses wine glasses can be cleaned just as quickly and 100% hygienically as single- or multiple-use sturdy cardboard stable paper cups or plastic cups that can be used once or several times.

Thanks to the optimal interplay of brush technology, cold water cleaning, automated fresh water supply and the biodegradable original water supply and the biodegradable original SPÜLBOY® rinsing tablets, all glasses are rinsed free from glasses are rinsed free of bacteria and viruses. The excellent hygienic design of the Made in Germany. Germany guarantees easy operation and optimal washing results with efficient use of resources.

Results with efficient use of resources. This is your commitment to 100% climate protection.