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The mobile, movable sink counter can be used anywhere and offers you the usual SPÜLBOY® quality and cleanliness of your glasses or plastic cups. quality and cleanliness of your glasses or plastic cups. Whether at home, in the garden, on the terrace, in the gazebo or at festivals: you and your guests become an active part of the cleanliness. 100% hygiene and optimum protection against bacteria and viruses thanks to SPÜLBOY®. on the road. The perfect, DIN-certified cold water rinses the glass or cup 100% clean - thanks to perfectly balanced, biodegradable chemical agents and the use of high-quality brushes. use of high-quality brushes. This is also your commitment to 100% climate-friendly protection of resources.

You can equip the mobile dishwashing counter entirely according to your wishes and needs: with one with one or two rinsing units, with a flow-through cooler for simultaneous beer dispensing, with fresh and waste water and waste water tanks, and also with an electric pump if there is no water pipe with sufficient sufficient pressure of 2 bar is available. Or - if there is no power supply - by means of a CO2 bottle. Have fun washing glasses cleanly!