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SPÜLBOY® live! Meet, greet, clean.

Discover the world of SPÜLBOY®. We are on the road for you all over the world.
Get to know us and our products and see the Original for yourself.


  Coctelera Festival Chile, Santiago   10.-11.01.2024
  35. Expertentreffen Getränkeschankanlagen, Weihenstephan   14.-15.01.2024
  BvSG Convention, Wiesbaden   21.-22.02.2024
  Beer Experience Belgium, Antwerp   26.02.2024
  European Brewers Forum France, Lille   26.-30.05.2024
  Verbandstag der Lebensmittelkontrolleure, Cottbus   13.06.2024
  ABASTUR, Mexico City   28.-30.08.2024
  Salon du Brasseur France, Nancy   17.-18.10.2024
  Billie's Craft Beer Fest Belgium, Antwerp   08.-09.11.2024
  Brau Beviale, Nuremberg   26.-28.11.2024